States Cycled

31 May 2009

Today, I was doing some research looking for some organized rides to do here in New England.  That led me to two different thoughts.  The first was “How many states can I ride in one day?”  I have done two different states many times.  I don’t think I have done three.  Living in Boston, I think it should be possible to ride in five states in one day: VT, NH, MA, RI and CT .  Now, I just have to find a route that I can ride; Google Maps shows a route less than 100 miles.

The second thought was “How many different states have I rode in?”  During my session on the trainer, I decided to list them and what year each was first done.  Illinois was the hardest to figure out the year because I had to figure out when I first learned to ride a bike.  I think I was five.

  1. Illinois (1973)
  2. Wisconsin (1981)
  3. Michigan (1992), UP (1994)
  4. Missouri (1993)
  5. California (1993)
  6. Florida (1996)
  7. Indiana (2004)
  8. Minnesota (2007)
  9. Massachusetts (2008)
  10. Maryland (2009)1
  11. Virginia (2009)1
  12. New Hampshire (2009)
  13. Maine (2009)
  14. Connecticut (2009)
  15. Iowa (2010)
  16. Vermont (2010)
  17. Rhode Island (2010)
  18. New York (2013)

My research found the 6th Annual Vermont Lakes Region Cycling Weekend which sounds very interesting.  I have never been to Vermont and it sounds like a very nice area to visit.  I will be finalizing plans for this ride in the next few weeks.

Another ride I found on the LAB site is the Tour de Wyoming.  Since the ride is a small ride, only 350 riders, I’ll have to keep an eye on when the 2010 registration opens.  Everyone that I know wants to partake in the Ride the Rockies so I thought this would be an interesting alternate choice.  I think I’ll also stay an extra day or so in Cheyenne and do some genealogical research.

Foot Notes

  1. Washington DC (2009)


One Response to States Cycled

  1. jim
    27 July 2009 at 12:15

    The 6th Annual Vermont Lakes Region Cycling Weekend has been canceled. I’m thinking of partaking in the Eastern Trail Alliance Maine Lighthouse Ride 2009 instead.