Selle SMP Strike Composit

Selle SMP Strike CompositeAfter my troubles with the Selle San Marco ASPide Composite, I have been riding the Selle SMP Strike Composit saddle for four months now.  I just finished up the MS ride NH Seashore Escape, a 60 mile ride around New Hampshire and Maine.  The short answer is, I like this seat more than the ASPide Composite.  Only the long term will tell if it wears out and starts to flex more.

How does the Strike differ from the ASPide?  For starters, it is twice as heavy but we are only talking 200g vs 100g.  Can I really notice the 100g more?  No!  The seat is less expensive and I can tell that difference.  Current prices are around $160 but it looks like it is on clearance.  Maybe I should buy an extra one?  One unexpected difference is, since the seat is covered in leather, the edges are not as rough.  With the ASPide, the edges of the seat caused pelting and stitch failures in some shorts.  I do not believe this will be a problem with the Strike.

I have been riding this seat on my trainer and on a couple of long outdoor rides and I have had no discomfort.   The ‘beak’ of the Strike is really comfortable when I’m down in an aero tuck position.  The windy six mile stretch along the NH coastline was, ahem, a breeze.

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