Lego Space Sets

I continued to research what sets I had growing up as a kid. The LL924 labeled blue 1 x 4 brick was the piece that was unique to the Space Cruiser set. I used the same technique to determine the other 4 sets I have pictured below. The inverted 45 degree 2 x 2 sloping blue brick is the anchor brick for the Alpha-1 Rocket Base set. The 4 x 4 Wing plate was the tell for the Space Shuttle set and the clear Minifig Accessory Shield Round was for the Mobile Tracking station. The Mobile Rocket Launcher was determined just based on the unique space related pieces that I had left over, especially the round 2 x 2 blocks.


After determining what sets I own, I had to determine which pieces I was missing. I again visited the Lego Users Group site to find the parts inventory. I was able to order 283 of the 415 pieces I needed (for all 15 sets I have) from Lego’s Pick-a-Brick site. This is why the missing list is so small now.



Year Number Description Missing Parts
Quantity Part Number Color Description Notes
1979 442 Space Shuttle
1979 452 Mobile Tracking Station 1 3062a TrGreen Brick 1 x 1 Round with Solid Stud
2 3876 Clear Minifig Accessory Shield Round Have 1 broken
1978 462 Rocket Launcher 1 3062a TrGreen Brick 1 x 1 Round with Solid Stud
1 973p90 White Minifig Torso with Classic Space Pattern
1979 483 Alpha-1 Rocket Base 2 3062a TrGreen Brick 1 x 1 Round with Solid Stud
3 x467 Black Hose Classic
1978 487 Space Cruiser 1 3430c00 OldGray Forklift Small (Complete Assembly) Black and Yellow from construction set

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