First Spring Ride

This afternoon was a special for me.  I got to get my first miles outside for 2010 and was the maiden ride for my reconfigured Trek 2300 road bike.  I picked up the bike from my local wrench on Saturday after I had the component gruppo upgraded from a Shimano 9 speed Ultegra triple to a SRAM 10 speed Rival with a 180mm crank.  This is a similar setup to my new Trek TTX bike.

The weather had been really crappy this past weekend so today was the first day I could ride.  Since the time change was this weekend, it meant I had an extra hour of daylight.  I went over to Middlesex Fells Reservation to do some hill work.

Spend over 2 hours of riding up and down Woodland Road and my legs feel it.  It was the longest time I’ve spend on the bike this year.  Checking my stats it was one of the fastest rides I’ve had through the Fells and had the highest calories burned per hour (according to my Polar HRM).  Usually the first outdoor ride leaves quite a bit to be desired with respect to speed but the improvement could be due to the increased crank length and/or the 42+ hours of trainer time I already have this year.

A good end to a crappy past 4 days.