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aspidecompositeThe Selle San Marco ASPide Composite seat is one of the lighest bicycle seats you can buy at 100g.  I became interested in this seat in the summer of 2006 after my second Selle San Marco ASPide saddle wore out after about 8 months.  I did have over 4K miles on that saddle, but purchasing a seat every 4K seemed a bit excessive.  I saw the ASPide Composite as a seat that would not soften up and flex too much (the problem I had with the ASPide saddle).  At around $250, it should have lasted.

aspidecompsitebottomSo I bit the bullet and purchased the saddle from Performance Bike.  The seat took me about 1 month to adjust to the correct alignment and took me about 3 months to get used to it.  I describe it more as my ass being broken in by the seat than me breaking it in.  Just after those 3 months the seat developed an annoying squeak.  What had happened is the bond between the rail and the rear seat had broken (see right), and was rubbing.  Performance replaced the seat without any question.   The next seat lasted me until around February 2009.  I called Performance to get yet another replacement which they sent quickly.

sizechartWhen the 3rd seat arrived, only last weekend, the packaging had this S.I.Z.E. chart listed.  Seems in 2007 Selle San Marco created this sizing chart for their seats, but when I went to the website in 2009, I could not find any mention of it.  What I really would have appreciated was a table of all their seats and their corresponding S.I.Z.E. values listed.  I have realized that this seat is too small for me for I weigh around 85 Kgs, but I have no idea what seat will work for me.  This really sucks as the seat did for me what I wanted.

So I’m back at taking a wild guess at what seat will work.  I have since tried out the Selle Italia SLC but I’m not happy with the seat either, it flexes too much.  I have returned the 3rd ASPide Composite seat in exchange for a Selle SMP Strike Composite.  I’m hoping this will be the last seat I need to buy.  It should arive by early next week.

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