1966 Ford Mustang – Part 3

Sometime in early 2000, I moved from Orlando, FL to Southern California, for a job change.  The original plan for the car was we were going to pay for the body work to be done and then reassemble the car ourselves.  When we got housing all straighten out in SoCal, we were not going to have the space to do this.  So we decided to give the parts to our restoration shop and they would reassemble it.

This was going to be a fateful decision, we later found out that the guy we were working with was leaving this shop to start his own.  After a bit of thought, we decided to move the car to the new shop.  Since I was still in SoCal, I was not able to see the car in person, and so I asked one of my co-workers, the one who told me about this shop, to take some pictures.  These are those photos: